The Rhythm of Recovering

The Rhythm of Recovering: Local Student Uses Music To Help Heal, Give Hope, and Celebrate Life During Carnival
(New Orleans, La- January 22,2012)


Carnival season is about revelry and celebration within the city of New Orleans. With that in mind, 23 year old college student, Melissa Daigle wanted to get the festivities involved with an event that is deeply personal. To Write Love On Her Arms is a non-profit charity and movement presenting hope and help for people struggling with depression, self-injury, and suicide. Daigle decided not to have your typical fundraiser for TWLOHA, but to incorporate aspects of New Orleans into the event. “I love everything about this city: the food, the music, and especially carnival season.” She teamed up with The 3 Ring Circus Art Education Center: The Big Top to put on an event appropriate for the cause. Their cause, Daigle said, “This is something that is deeply personal to me. It’s not so much about the charity, as it is a part of a healing process. I feel like, after this, I can finally get some closure. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all lost someone who meant the world to us. Someone who affected us in a unique way and helped to build the individuals that we have become. It’s just that I have lost several amazing individuals. Not just to suicide, but to overdoses and freak accidents. I know TWLOHA is for suicide prevention and help with depression, but I’m also making this a memorial event for all the great friends that I’ve lost. This is for everyone who I deeply care about. My friends who were there one minute, and…just gone.”

Melissa Daigle is hosting, Melissa Daigle presents: TWLOHA Mardi Gras Fundraiser which will run before and after Hermes and Krewe d'Etat on Friday February 17,2012 at 3 Ring Circus: The Big Top at 1638 Clio St. There will be performances by six local bands: Sirens, The Heartbreak Therapy, Curie, Titanium Caterpillars, Pancake, and Meta The Man. “I am so happy that so many bands wanted to be involved in this event! I feel like the message is more than relevant within the younger music crowd in New Orleans. I am hoping that there's enough different types of music to attract a variety of people. Not to mention, the venue is right off of the parade route, so I'm hoping all of the great music draws people to come see what's happening!”

The doors at The Big Top open at 5 pm and bands start playing at 5:30 and stop as soon as the first parade passes. The second half of the event will resume at 9pm after the last parade passes. There will be a DJ playing music in between. Entrance is $5 or a greater donation, there will be clean restrooms and a bar.

Daigle had this to say in conclusion, “I’m doing this to also celebrate life. To celebrate the strength within the kids that have become my good friends over the years. Life is never easy, and while they thought that maybe ending it was easier…they realized there is this remarkable beauty within it. They’re brave and selfless. We’ve all hit bottom and to see them come back up and just dominate is unbelievable and I commend them for it. I applaud them for it. You all are my personal heroes for being able to pick yourself back up and you’re the reason I’m still here. I was in that dark place with you at one point. You have all become good,strong, heroic, individuals. I can’t say “thank you” enough times for affecting me. I am me because of you and I am doing this for you.”

The mission of 3 Ring Circus Art Education Center: The Big Top (3RCP) is to achieve a dominant position in the market for art productions and small to medium parties by creating customized events that showcase the company's dedication to the visual, performing and musical artists of New Orleans. It strives to inspire interest and creative thinking within its community by spotlighting the amazing talents of New Orleans. 3 Ring Circus is in business to introduce fine art talent to the public through its unique presentations. 3 Ring Circus creates "art-mosphere" in everything it produces and is committed to pleasing its clients with spectacular experiences.


For any questions, information, or to set up an interview, Melissa Daigle can be contacted at (985)285-1001 or

MC Daigle
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