Halloween in New Orleans and The Anne Rice Ball
Friday night is home to the Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Fan Club’s main event. This year the theme was Theatre of the Vampires and featured performances by Voltaire, Paul Mercer, Curie, The Changelings, burlesque acts and even theatrical enactments of scenes from Interview with the Vampire.
The Rhythm of Recovering
There will be performances by six local bands: Sirens, The Heartbreak Therapy, Curie, Titanium Caterpillars, Pancake, and Meta The Man. “I am so happy that so many bands wanted to be involved in this event! I feel like the message is more than relevant within the younger music crowd in New Orleans." [continue...]
Occupy NOLA strip show performers did not occupy their clothes for long
LeStrange and crew were invited to perform by members of the band Curie, who had also played for the occupants. Performances in the encampment are organized by a subgroup which calls itself “Occupy the Stage;” besides Curie, they’ve so far included local acts like Lynn Drury, Sweet Street Symphony, and Hurray for the Riff Raff.
Party Girl Blog 10/26
If you’re a fan of Anne Rice or any blood sucker for that matter, than you must attend the coven’s 20th Annual “The Theatre of the Vampires Ball.” Also, catch a reunion performance by The Changlings emceed by Voltaire Rev. Spooky LeStrange and her Billion Dollar Baby Dolls performing with Curie and hosted by Anne Rice's Vampire Lestat Fan Club (ARVLFC) on Friday, October 28, 9 p.m. at Republic, 828 S. Peters St.
Lakeside 2 Riverside: November Concert Previews
Gothic one-man vampsation Voltaire will emcee the evening. Violinist Paul Mercer will set the tone. Live vampire burlesque will titillate the senses. The line-up of bands includes a reunion performance by coven ball favorites The Changelings. Rev. Spooky LeStrange and her Billion Dollar Baby Dolls will perform with all-girl New Orleans quartet Curie.
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